Who Manufactures Or Makes Cafeteria Serving Line Equipment

Galley Is A Real Manufacturer
Making All Products In The USA

Cafeteria Food Serving lines are essential in colleges and schools. The old style “boxes on wheels” doesn’t fit today’s standards. The parents, the children, the staff, all want more participation and more current healthy menus that the children like. Certainly one menu or one size doesn’t fit all applications. That’s why Galley has more flexibility and preconfigured styles than other manufacturers. One size, one layout, one way of doing things just doesn’t fit with students that are far more adult when it comes to food choices than their parents were at the same age.

An Outdoor Kiosk Food Service Line
An Outdoor Kiosk Food Service Line

Schools and Colleges are also using remote serving areas (some call them kiosks). Some are indoors and some are outdoors. Galley makes a full line of mobile, portable, serving line equipment that rolls from one area to another. They move easily over curbs and obstructions because it has optional push/pull handles on both ends. These Matelock™ ends are the same cost as the standard flat ends and have been built to withstand abuse. They have been rolled down hills and let go, just like shopping carts. Galley doesn’t like to do service calls. Customers don’t like service calls. That is why Galley continually reinvents its parts to make them stronger and to stop service calls.

All Galley products are manufactured either in Zeeland, Michigan or Oviedo, Florida. And way before these two cities, Galley was made in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Oak Harbor, OH. Galley has been improving and leading the way since 1975.

School cafeterias include, either full serving lines, individual scattered stations, some fixed, and some portable. Some are self-serve buffets and others are staff served and others are grab ‘n go. Some serve free food. And, some meals are paid for by the students.

Galley has lots of options and components that create custom serving lines at affordable and standard pricing.

1Set Up Cafeteria Lines With Ease

Galley manufactures Mobile Food Serving equipment and display counters. Our Matelock™ line features built in locking to join different units together without tools or latches. The serving counters even horizontally self-align on unlevel floors to create a level countertop from end to end. The mobile modular equipment can be aligned in a straight line, U-shaped or L-shaped or T-shaped or Serpentine. Units snap together and disconnect quickly without tools, without latches, without clamps, without springs. Our Matelock™ design is patented and not copied elsewhere. It is literally the easiest food serving system to setup for use!

2Fast & Morphable Cafeteria Lines

GalleyLine and Galley Line are Galley’s brands that are designed for speed food serving, lifetime performance and modern aesthetics. These are not square box institutional looking modules. They are functional & amazing for their flexibility, mobility, ease of use, and exceed all NSF and UL (National Sanitation Foundation and Underwriter’s Laboratories) health and safety requirements. With angular modules, Galley forms curved shapes and single lines, double lines, one sided lines or two sided lines. With Galley products, all items in the serving line will match and work together.

3Innovative Cafeteria Line Manufacturer

The counters form food serving areas for institutional and business use. It’s remarkable that the engineering is so inclusive of hot and cold features, cashiers, plates, silverware, induction, grab ‘n go and all systems needed for buffet and cafeteria use. Tray slides, plate rests, sneeze guards, under counter storage, plate dispensers all match. As to colors, there’s a huge selection, school logos are easily added, it’s a modern and clean looking serving line at affordable prices.

4Save Money With Our Heavy Duty Food Serving Lines

All materials and units are top of the line, heavy duty and designed for years upon years of extreme use. Virtually no service is required. Additionally, Galley saves you money on installation since all items are shipped fully assembled. Not even a screw driver is needed. Our energy efficient hot steam tables use dry heat that saves half on the cost of electric compared to competitors. Top-tier energy efficient refrigeration systems save you on costs of service and eliminate potential health issues.

5We’ve Been Around (And Intend To Stay)

Galley has been building all equipment in the United States since our inception 40+ years ago. We ship worldwide to our diverse list of customers including all branches of the US Military, US Congress & Senate, private industries such as Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar, and countless businesses, hospitals, universities and schools. Our cafeteria equipment interiors are made of stainless & galvanized steel with safety glass for sneeze guards while the exteriors are made of the same materials as over your head in an airplane. ABS is the super durable, scratch resistant material that is found in the luggage compartments in airplanes. Galley has colors and tones that appeals to the public making your foods look great. Super lighting, Super heating, Super Cooling, and best of all Galley minimizes your costs of installation, use and service.

6Portable Cafeteria Buffet Line

Galley’s buffet and cafeteria serving lines are designed to offer a permanent and built-in appearance while allowing for flexible placement on a minutes notice. Your options include hot and cold food bars, specialized portable griddle stations, utility cereal bars, cashier stations and corner counter, self-leveling dishes, soup station, sandwich stations, pizza hot tops, heated sandwich chutes, and grab n go speed lines. Refrigerated units are lockable to keep food protected during non-service hours. Items stored under counter can also be locked up. Protection and cleanliness has always been a part of Galley design. It is the elite food serving line. It is the signature cafeteria line for K-12 schools, colleges, institutions & government throughout the United States.

7ADA Buffet Equipment

Not only is Galley economical and modular, it is also available in many lengths and two different heights. The standard 36″ height is for most use cases including Junior High, High School & College cafeterias. Our 30″ low height version can be made for every module we sell and is used primarily for elementary schools, senior citizen living, wheelchair & ADA cafeteria serving.

8Only The Best Materials Are Used

Nothing is made of wood or laminates like Formica or Wilsonart. Laminates and painted metal is not what Galley manufactures. ABS and shiny heavy duty stainless steel is overwhelming more durable and long lasting. No sharp edges to snag clothing or scratch skin. Color is through and through so if it does get scratched it isn’t noticeable. Materials are up to ¼ inch thick. No other brand is so inclusive.

9Concealed Casters & Interlocking Self-Leveling Design Creates A Permanent Look

The casters and wheels are concealed so that the serving counters do not appear as if they are boxes on wheels. When using our Matelock™ line interlocking the units together requires no effort, no tools, no clamps. The modules align and lock together just like railroad cars. Best of all, your soon to be award winning cafeteria design self-levels so all counters are horizontally aligned & flat from one end of the line to the other. This is a great benefit if your floors are uneven.

10A to Z Modern Cafeteria Line

Hot food units, Cold food units, Buffet line equipment, Cafeteria Equipment, Catering Equipment and Food equipment used at banquets and stadiums are all a part of the Galley Line. Galley builds its own refrigerated counters for salads and sandwiches. Galley builds under counter storage which could be heated, cooled or refrigerated, frozen, or just ambient. All the units match and go to together. There are condiment units with pumps. There are silverware units and plate units. All from one source, one factory, one design, and one installation.

11Speed Up Cafeteria Lines

Galley is one of the few manufactures of speed line cafeteria equipment for prepackaged foods. Our grab ‘n go chest can be heated or refrigerated and holds packaged foods. Students walk down the line, pick out packaged salads, pastas, pizza, drinks, milk deserts just like they go into a market or grocery and select food in an aisle. Tray starters and speed lines with cashiers move students and employees quickly through the lunch period. And the students and employees happily pick out packaged items that appeal to them. Soups and salads, sandwiches and pizza, and hot meals are all available to help you serve your desired menu.

12Full & Self Service Cafeteria Equipment

The traditional serving line that looks institutional is just not what Galley does. There is no acrylic sneeze guard available from Galley. All sneeze guards and breath shields are made of stainless steel supports and clear tempered safety glass. These are normally either heated and lighted, one sided or two sided. You can have the equipment scattered in a room, or in lines, or shapes. You can walk on one side or two sides. You can put them against the wall or away the wall. They are easily rolled outside for events or outdoor feeding.

13NSF Approved & Tested | USA Built

Safe temperatures are important to Galley. Catering a banquet, serving student lunches, feeding retires, feeding employees is a responsible undertaking. Feeding quickly, feeding healthy, Serving well lighted and well heated foods that exceed the health standards are a priority to our customers and to our ethics. All products continually are enhanced and improved. Galley does not step backwards to lower standards or skimp on materials to save costs. Galley cannot meet every budget but does do a great job at manufacturing custom looking equipment at affordable prices right here in the United States.

14Free Cafeteria Design Plans & Budget Quotes

Galley designs your food service area for free. It is 100% complimentary. Galley has never charged for a design. Yes, our pricing does include the design. With Galley our equipment price may be far less than a competitors price when you add the cost of design to the project. Then when you add the cost of using more electric and the cost of more installation, Galley’s costs come in less. Galley could cost less when you add up all the elements. For sure Galley works the best and is easiest to purchase and get into service. A budget quote is also provided with line item pricing for accessories so you can see exactly what each option costs and help you prioritize must-have equipment.